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     Because Sphynx are hairless it takes plenty of energy to regulate the their body temperature. It is important to buy a high end formula from a petfood store or from your vets. Supermarket brands are low in quality and contain chemical preservatives that can cause health issues. Also consider a raw diet as many Sphynx owner do feed raw diet. Make sure it does not contain vegetables or seafood. They have a sensitive digestive system, so it is important to keep their food type consistent. If you decide to change there food please do so gradually. Mixing the new with the old slowing over the coarse of a week.
     Your kitten will be eating Kitten Royal Canin TM formula. We recommend that they stay on this for the first year of their life. Royal Canin also carries a SPHYNX adult formula that is tailor-made to meet their high energy needs, while also helping to support the skin barrier and maintain heart health. To locate a store near you that sells Royal Canin TM formula click the link below. 

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