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Keeping your cats ears and eyes clean is important to the health of your cat. Sphynx cats don' have lashes like other cats, because of a lack of eye lashes, dirt can get into their eyes, causing build up on their eyelids. When cleaning the crusties from their eyes, always use a separate cotton ball for each eye. Apply warm water to the cotton ball, and wipe each eye from the inner corners out. Clear or brown eye goo is normal. If you notice any yellow or green colour goo, have your cat looked at by your vet. This could be a sign of an infection starting and needs proper attention. Infections can lead to serious heath issues if not treated right away. 


  Your Sphynx ears should be cleaned weekly using an ear cleaning solution. Please ask your vet to recommend an ear cleaning solution for your cat. Apply a small amount in each ear, cleaning one at a time. Massage at the base of the ear, then take a cotton ball and clean the inner clean. NEVER stick a Q-tip into the inner ear canal.  You can cause serious damage to their ears. Please click the link below for our video tutorial.

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