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    We will have familiarized your kitten to the entire care routine. It is important to continue this routine with your new kitten. Make sure you have everything on hand before starting the bathing process. Most Sphynx like the warm water, so make sure it is deep enough to keep them warm. Make sure the room is free from drafts. Always use a calming voice and keep any negative associations away, so not to hinder their bath time. 


       Bathing Check List:

  • Towel

  • Face cloth or exfoliating glove 

  • Cat shampoo or baby shampoo

  • Coconut oil (optional)

  • Cup for rinsing



     Place your cat in the warm bath or sink using a calming tone, and wet your Sphynx from head to toe.  Using shampoo, lather, and stroke your cat firmly, mimicking the mothers  method. This will also help calm your kitten. Avoid using any shampoo near the eyes, if this happens rinse immediately. I start with the face, then body, followed by the ears, and feet, saving the genital area for the last. I also prefer to apply the ear cleaner when the cat is in the bath/sink. This way when your Sphynx protests by shaking their head the flying ear wax doesn't end up on your white carpet/bedding. Rinse all shampoo throughly before drying. I like to clean and clip their claws when they are wrapped in a towel, taking one paw out at a time. We also encourage you to watch the kitten bathing video link below.












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