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           Our kittens are given royal treatment from the day they are born. They are bathed on a regular basis, receiving ear/eye cleaning and nail trimming. This helps them become more agreeable to their       different hygiene needs. The Sphynx breed is not a cat for everyone. This is why it is important to review each care tip menu, before deciding if the Sphynx breed is the right cat for you. 


           The Sphynx breed is rare mostly due to their hairless appearance, but also in personality and temperament. Because they are hairless, oil, produced by the oil glands, has no fur to condition. Without fur the oil has nowhere to go but buildup on the skin.  Cats use their tongue to comb and spread the oils helping to condition their coats. The Sphynx end up just spreading the oils around their skin without removing it. 


          Sphynx, like other cats are curious by nature, and tend to explore in dirty/dusty places. The dirt/dust sticks to the oils and can irritate the skin. If not bathed regularly your cat will start excessive licking and scratching, sometimes till bleeding. Rashes and flakiness may begin to appear all over their body. This makes regular bathing a must. 





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